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Client Testimonials

"I had a combination breathwork and mediumship session with Nina. It was related to my biggest wounding in this lifetime. She made me feel safe and supported to go deep into this space within myself but also into the spirit realms in which I needed her guidance. Her ability to connect with Spirit is the real deal and her messages are clear and concise. She provided quality support with me after my journey to help integrate my experience."

~Elli N.

"I participated in a group shamanic breathwork ceremony lead by Nina and it was incredibly powerful for me. Even though I was in a group setting, I felt totally free to dive in as deep as I needed to. Knowing Nina was there for me to be a sacred witness to my journey and to support me gave me great comfort. I knew if I was to experience any unexpected emotion, Nina would be there for me and I knew I would never be judged."

~Jared P.

"Nina, I cannot express enough appreciation for the gift you have and the fact that you were able to share it with me. You opened a new door to healing that I never knew existed. I had never done anything like this and you opened my mind in ways I was not expecting going into it. Thank you for your articulation and support throughout the session. Being in your presence is comforting and healing. You have an incredibly beautiful way of relaying the messages and connecting with the spirits. As for my healing going forward, I am learning to navigate a relationship with my angels now that they are on the other side. That is something I never knew how to do until you showed me. I will definitely be a repeat client. I will be booking a longer session next time as it goes by so quickly! I can't thank you enough and my heart is overflowing. You helped me receive so much closure, healing, and openness. You are such a blessing to this universe!"

~Lindsey T.

“It was really nice to be able to deeply connect with my loved ones who have passed. Nina is a talented medium who has been doing this work for most of her life. She is the real deal and I totally trust her and her abilities. She knew so much and everything she said resonated. She mentioned seeing a frog around me as a spirit guide and later on that night a frog was stuck to my window! If you want to connect on a deep spiritual level with yourself or those on the other side, Nina is the right person to reach out to!"

~Taylor F.

"Nina is incredible she really helped me, and she really knows how to tap into you and your personal experiences and give you guidance. This was the best session I've EVER had. I will definitely be making many future appointments."

~Jillian R.

"Forever grateful to this beautiful soul for bringing her love, positivity, and healing to my family! We love you, Nina! As my daughter says, "Nina, you make me all better".

~ Katie S.

"She is literally amazing. She healed me from PHYSICAL pain remotely. My mind has never been more blown. She is the real deal."

~ Kelsy S.

"There are not enough words of gratitude to thank Nina for what she has done for my family and I this past year. Indigo Haven Healing has changed my life and has shown me that through loss comes love and through darkness comes light."

~ Courtney S.

"Nina is the sweetest! She has helped me connect with myself in a deeper way. There is an instant sense of comfort about her, and it is easy to trust her abilities because she radiates honesty and talent. I think that everyone needs a genuine guide by their side, and for me it's Nina! She will always have my highest recommendation and I hope everyone gets to experience her talent and calming nature."

~Nisha M.

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