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Indigo Haven Healing offers private yoga classes with our two experienced yogis, Sam & Sara. Whether you are a beginner yogi and would like some one-on-one attention as you begin your journey or want to add a mind-body-spirit component to your bachelorette party, you have come to the right place! Book them for one-on-one sessions, group classes, and special events by contacting them directly through their information below.



Sam became a yoga teacher in 2017 when she attended the Caribe Yoga Academy in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Her passion for yoga began in college as she sought holistic avenues for treating anxiety. Once she discovered the relief her yoga practice provided, she knew she wanted to help others experience the gift of yoga as well. Sam has a love for intentional movement and integrates this into her teaching. Her favorite classes to take and to teach are restorative and “slow flow”, a soulful and nurturing vinyasa practice. She also has a passion for honoring yoga’s roots and commits herself to life-long studentship to continue learning about the core of the tradition. When Sam is not teaching yoga, she is a social work graduate student, caregiver, and woodworker. She is eager to share her love of yoga, mindfulness, and connection with you all, and she looks forward to creating a safe space to explore the sacred practice of yoga together. Sam combines essential oils and therapeutic Reiki assists into her practice for a relaxing and restorative experience.


(339) 224-1938



Sara has been a devoted student of Yoga since 2012 and a teacher since 2016. She's committed to a life & living through the lenses of Yoga, wellness, mindfulness & nature. Sara is a born and raised New Englander, recently returned after living in Texas, California & adventuring a bit over the last decade. While in Texas, she completed two 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. Her first in 2016 with Roger & Albina Rippy and second in 2017 with Shelby Autrey; both Hatha & Vinyasa based with lots of variety and wisdom to share. In 2019 Sara completed Mama Tree Level 1 and Level 2 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings with Jane Austin of San Francisco, one of the best in her specialty. Over the years she has workshopped, practiced and continued her studies with various teachers, perspectives and styles. Humans are dynamic and she believes our approach to wellness & Yoga deserve to be equally so. Sara's classes combine her varied experience & perspective into a breath-focused, alignment-based & potent practice to support transformation in wellness for mind, body & spirit. Sara believes Yoga is a vehicle for living optimally and sees opportunity for thriving within each breath. She finds the poses to be inspiring templates to support, explore and move your body through. She firmly believes there is a style of Yoga for everybody, and it evolves over time. Sara guides & encourages her students to stay curious & explore their inner & outer worlds both on and off the mat. Inspired by the personal evolution she's felt in her own life from regular Yoga & mindfulness practices, Sara's intention is to guide her students through their own unique experience of transformation towards wellness - mind, body & spirit - while keeping things fun, raw & real. Her classes are accompanied by great music and essential oils.


(978) 758-3765

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